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While we have had a half century of theories about the limits to growth and overpopulation, the realities of what is happening to the thermal regulation of the planet is now being played out with the last polar bears of earth. The polar bear is the largest canary in the coalmine of a runaway technological society.
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©Christo & Wilkinson Elephant Photography

The Colossus of Existence: Why the Elephant Is Invaluable

The rainforest of Central Africa needs the elephant to thrive. The savannahs of Africa need the elephant for its fertilizing capacity as well. Humanity is joined at the hip of our greatest ally. We fail the elephant and we jump off the cliff of time. The loss of the elephant and what is happening to this colossal being who walked out of Africa alongside us and who helped us survive for countless millennia, is modern man’s Golgotha.
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A World Without Gorillas

Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio should be applauded for producing a feature documentary film, “Virunga,” which will win the Academy Award in a few weeks’ time. It is most appropriate that he should win his first Oscar, not as an actor but for a documentary film fighting to salvage an utter and irreplaceable jewel in the biosphere.
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Arctic Walrus, Svalbard Norway © Wilkinson & Christo


Published in The East Hampton Star The Tipping Point Amagansett October 6, 2014 To the Editor: What have we learned after the climate march? Half of all nonhuman life, its …

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Confiscated ivory

The Bones of Extinction at the Ivory Crush

Published on Izilwane, Author: Lysander Christo Today, the problem is poaching. It is estimated that one elephant dies every 15 minutes. We lose thousands of elephants to poaching every year, …

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Melting Iceberg - ©Christo & Wilkinson Conservation Photography


East Hampton Star Amagansett August 23, 2014 TO THE EDITOR: For a transitory enchanted moment, man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an …

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Gray Whale Deaths


East Hampton Star Amagansett August 15, 2014 TO THE EDITOR: An alarm call needs to be sounded, but not one that blasts the ears of whales to the point of …

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baby baiji river dolphin


East Hampton Star Amagansett August 6, 2014 TO THE EDITOR: This summer, after witnessing transcendent incantations at Lalibela’s churches in Ethiopia, we went to witness the great tuskers in Kenya. …

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Pembe Moja One Tusk elephant


Our breakfast in Tsavo (Tsavo is where the world’s largest elephant Satao was from and where he was killed by poachers only a short while ago) along the Galdessa River …

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Christ and Wilkinson in Tsavo Kenya 2014


One of the blessings that Cyril and I give thanks for is our ability to travel and do our shoots accompanied by Lysander, our son. He’s been with us in …

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