Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — the American Serengeti — Shall not Die!

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge & Trump's Plan to Destroy it

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — the American Serengeti — Shall not Die!


The Trump administration is pursuing a controversial plan to open up ANWR to oil drilling. Here’s what’s at stake.

PUBLISHED: THE HILL: Changing America by Cyril Christo, Opinion Contributor December 3, 2020

“It is our belief that the future of the Gwich’in and the future of the caribou are the same. Harm to the Porcupine Caribou herd is harm to the Gwich’in culture and the millennia-old way of life.” —Jonathan Solomon, Gwich’in Elder

The plan is to send giant trucks and lay out vast gravel fields, despoiling a paradise at the far north of Alaska, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is an invasion, an industrial war zone mentality envisioned for the far north of Alaska.

Not for the local peoples’ benefit and certainly not for one of the largest ungulate populations on earth, the caribou. One has to wonder in this time of climate upheaval if this is really the best this administration can offer future generations. Is this a parting gift that says in essence, we will deface the last great pristine ecosystem America has to offer, because this is what America has been about for a long time now. Some 1.5 million acres could be leased for the profits of the oil and gas industry out of a total of 20 million.

But while this action may be a last minute effort to usurp one of the last great wilderness areas left on the planet, the battle may not end well for the administration if a law just passed in France has anything to do with it. It seems that French President Macron has just taken a radical decision for ensuring the future of the planet by making ecocide an offense with implications for countries worldwide. It started with the Paris Climate Accord in 2015. Now the destruction of nature will heretofore be considered an offense in the French Constitution with 10 years jail time and many millions of euros in fines if found guilty. You can’t have “joie de vivre” if there is no life. America at some point soon, will have to follow suit. Nowhere in America is this more urgent than with ANWR.


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