Towards a Life Affirming BLUE


Towards a Life Affirming BLUE

Blue is the color of Peace and Transcendence.

PUBLISHED: THE HILL: Changing America by Cyril Christo, Opinion Contributor November 1, 2020

“Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.” —Carl Sagan

I was born right behind the St. Chapelle in Paris with its crystalline windows, Gothic arching, Rayonnant period of celestial blue vault, cerulean aspiration towards an unseen power, giving ascension like a visible prayer towards everything life supporting on this Earth and beyond — coherence, resilience and affirmative like water and the lucid clear blue sky pointing towards the celestial dome of heaven. Rayonnant from the middle 13th century to the middle of the 14th was about spatial unity and increasing light throughout like a celestial chandelier. All aspiring towards the blue above. Why do I bring this up in early 21st century America while facing a potentially rabid election?

Because we need the light more than ever. And we need the vision of blue as an aspiration to permeate our days.

We need the endowed teachers, the inquiring scientists, the young who believe, the farmer and social workers who tend the fields and the body and the mind, the rivers that stream onwards to the future, all beholden with magnanimity towards a grander blue which are ideals written by Founding Fathers who would have wished transcendence on us all. And blue is the color of transcendence.

Of late America has been suffocated by orange melting skies and even red, the kind of red that tells you, you are in danger, run for your lives. You have ignored the lessons of Nature for far too long. All over the Pacific coast and now Colorado with the biggest fires in its history, a deep penetrating red, has engulfed the American world and by extension the planet. It was born of ignorance and bigotry and denial of the climate reality of our time. It was born from enflamed passions born from the belief that somehow some of us knew better than scientists and that we could outsmart Mother Nature. But Mother Nature, red in tooth and claw, is wiser than any of us. We need to respect her lessons now, for we are being humbled by an agency we have no clue about. We aspire to the stars and make a garbage patch out of our only home. When the smoke clears and the red fires disperse, the sky will turn magnanimous, unadulterated blue again. But for how long? The sky must revert to blue again, while the glaciers of Alaska, some impacted with deep blue, still reign. We must choose the color of sane, qualified skies to aspire to. We must choose a renaissance of the deep blue oceans, the ones children sing to in the summer. On the shoreline that is blue. The distant horizon on a bright summer’s day at the beach is tenderly blue. It is the blue of posterity that the children cling to.

We need a better education system. One that does not favor one color over another.

One that doesn’t put massive debt on the shoulders of the next generation. We need basic universal income and health care, like most of Europe. It’s not socialism, it’s decency and common sense. We need to hold big corporations accountable because the toxins, and wastes of industrial society are destroying life as we have known it for the last several thousand years. We are a grand melting pot and every one of us should be embraced for unheard of potentiality and capacity and belief and imagination. That is why a big blue wave is marching and upending one hundred year old statistics. The pyramid builders, then oil barons and the Silicon Valley visionaries had their day. Now everyone must have his or her say.


Photo credit: Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson

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