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Elephant conservation

Elephantine Moment

Our elephant had probably died a natural death, but its bones served to salvage one night in our lives, a night full of predators. It is time humanity came together to save the body of the elephant.
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Cyril Christo Endangered Elephants CITES

Seeing the Elephant in the Room

I deplore the recent CITES decision in South Africa to not give maximum protection to elephants. Elephants need maximum Appendix I protection and the elimination of the ivory trade worldwide immediately, or humanity could lose a continent, and the place where humanity was born. Humanity cannot afford that kind of violence.
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baby baiji river dolphin


East Hampton Star Amagansett August 6, 2014 TO THE EDITOR: This summer, after witnessing transcendent incantations at Lalibela’s churches in Ethiopia, we went to witness the great tuskers in Kenya. …

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