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Christo Conservation Blog - Chile

The Future of Chile Hangs in the Balance

The country wrestles with questions over mining and indigenous peoples’ rights.
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Because this decade looks like it could be the last one in which we will plausibly be able to appreciate, walk in, breathe and contemplate majesty in its most basic form
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Letter to Botswana - Cyril Christo Blog

To Botswana: You are the last great Hope for the Elephant on Earth

I write because 300 or so titans have been lost recently in Botswana, elephants that died not at the hand of man, to poachers, but to something just as insidious — irrevocable change in the climate of the world.
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Save the Elephants Conservation Blog

In Saving the Elephants and other Species, We Preserve Freedom

Romain Gary, who so articulated the rights of the largest land mammal on earth, was also fighting for mankind's place in the world. Because without the others, there is “no room for man either. All that will be left of us is robots,” Gary insisted.
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Lions ©Lysander Christo

Trophy hunting of lions is unscientific as well as immoral.

The practice of trophy hunting is pushing the majestic animals closer to extinction in the wild.
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The pandemic is the tip of the iceberg of global change to come.

Coronavirus should be a warning for a changing climate

The pandemic is the tip of the iceberg of global change to come.
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Cyril Christo Coronavirus article

Coronavirus should make us rethink our role in the world.

Can we continue to run the engine of this civilization with the same pace, greed and lack of consciousness we began with the heyday of globalization 50 years ago?
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We need an international environmental criminal court now

We Need an International Environmental Criminal Court Now!

It is time humanity create an International Environmental Criminal Court, representing all continents, to enforce environmental protection across borders, and to minimize damage to what remains of our only life support system. Before it is too late.
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Jane Goodall recommends: Lords of the Earth: The Entwined Destiny of Wildlife and Humanity.

Jane Goodall: Why the battle to save Africa’s wildlife must be won

That is why Lords of the Earth is so important. It is a truly magnificent collection of Cyril Christo's and Marie Wilkinson's haunting black and white photographs not only of African elephants, but of Africa's indigenous peoples also.
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Our Last Chance to turn Earth Around

The ongoing train wreck of civilization with its superiority complex has woefully ignored the meek, the animals, the native people of the world, the very soil that grows the world. Its legacy is acidifying oceans and an Amazon that could go into dieback within two years.
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