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Insects face a perilous decline. CHRISTO CONSERVATION BLOG

Insects face a perilous decline. Here’s why that’s dangerous for us.

This is how humanity lived until 5,000 years ago. They lived that certain way. There were certain laws, a certain code of living. Now all they’re concerned about is a certain truck. You don’t need all that stuff to live.
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A Salute to the Angels of the Sea, the Whale Sharks

If we learn the lesson this time around, the children of the next generation will thank us and be able to cherish what is left of “heaven’s poetry to us,” the life force of this big blue marble in space.
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Gray Whale Deaths


East Hampton Star Amagansett August 15, 2014 TO THE EDITOR: An alarm call needs to be sounded, but not one that blasts the ears of whales to the point of …

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