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An Inuit youth voices his concerns for society - CHRISTO CONSERVATION BLOG

An Inuit youth voices his concerns for Society

This is how humanity lived until 5,000 years ago. They lived that certain way. There were certain laws, a certain code of living. Now all they’re concerned about is a certain truck. You don’t need all that stuff to live.
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Arctic Ice. PHOTO: ©Christo & Wilkinson Photography

SAVING THE ARCTIC: the wisdom of the Inuit and the future of the North Pole

Melting permafrost and 100-degree weather that just assaulted 3 million acres in Siberia, roughly the size of Belgium.
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Warming landscape in Norway. Courtesy Cyril Christo

Earth’s Greatest Predator No Match for Man

CLIMATE CHANGE: Polar bears are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, but they should be classified as endangered — if the ice completely goes, they will disappear forever. A central light, a being of unbelievable strength and grace, a central soul at the top of the world will be no more. A key measure of why we are here on Earth will have vanished.
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©Christo & Wilkinson Photography


While we have had a half century of theories about the limits to growth and overpopulation, the realities of what is happening to the thermal regulation of the planet is now being played out with the last polar bears of earth. The polar bear is the largest canary in the coalmine of a runaway technological society.
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Arctic Walrus, Svalbard Norway © Wilkinson & Christo


Published in The East Hampton Star The Tipping Point Amagansett October 6, 2014 To the Editor: What have we learned after the climate march? Half of all nonhuman life, its …

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