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Walking Thunder: Ode to the African Elephant Limited Offer

Filmmakers and Born Free friends, Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson, generously offer Born Free USA donors limited-time access to view the new documentary film, Walking Thunder: Ode to the African Elephant. Donate $20 or more to receive online access to watch this powerful 90-minute documentary!
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We need an international environmental criminal court now

We Need an International Environmental Criminal Court Now!

It is time humanity create an International Environmental Criminal Court, representing all continents, to enforce environmental protection across borders, and to minimize damage to what remains of our only life support system. Before it is too late.
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Jane Goodall recommends: Lords of the Earth: The Entwined Destiny of Wildlife and Humanity.

Jane Goodall: Why the battle to save Africa’s wildlife must be won

That is why Lords of the Earth is so important. It is a truly magnificent collection of Cyril Christo's and Marie Wilkinson's haunting black and white photographs not only of African elephants, but of Africa's indigenous peoples also.
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Lion - ©Lysander Christo

Looking for Collectors

We are looking for collectors of our 20 x 24 inch black and white photographs for research in the field on a film on the meaning and importance of the lion to indigenous peoples and humanity as a whole called, Silent Pride - The Last Lions of Africa.
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