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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge & Trump's Plan to Destroy it

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — the American Serengeti — Shall not Die!

The Trump administration is pursuing a controversial plan to open up ANWR to oil drilling. Here’s what’s at stake.
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Biden will undo Trumps environmental damage

We almost lost the world: rolling back the environmental rollbacks

What kind of leader would revoke, repeal and repel 100 environmental rules meant to safeguard the health of a country and by extension safeguard this part of the world? What kind of environmental illiteracy would urge, prompt, exhort such madness?
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How Backs are destroying the earth

Reversing the Sixth Extinction

Included in the list of the banks with the greatest disregard for nature are BNP Paribas, Barclays, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Mizuho Financial, a regular who’s who of environmental desecration.
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We Should Listen to the Scientists Who Were also Wisdom Keepers

Science is a pillar to our civilization and few scientists have been able to articulate that humanity’s morals are also becoming increasingly fragile and perilous to the life force of the planet.
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