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Never decry wolf: they deserve our protection, not 'management' - Cyril Christo Conservation Blog

Never decry wolf: they deserve our protection, not ‘management’

The predators are under assault around the U.S. Let’s admit it. We need a scapegoat for humanity’s wickedness and cruelty. Who better to pick on than wolves? Persecution is not a policy. It is ideological warfare.
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From trophy hunting to trapping and wolf hunts, wildlife is under siege.

Let’s stop slaughtering innocent wildlife, in Montana and beyond

What is it about the elite and the lawmakers, the realtors, carpenters, taxidermists, ranchers who vote on matters of life and death but who always vote on the side of killing, and bigotry and never biology?
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Republicans are bad for wildlife!

From Montana to beyond, the Republican war on wildlife must end!

From expanding hunting and trapping to reducing protections for wildlife, Republicans are putting animals at risk.
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