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Christ and Wilkinson in Tsavo Kenya 2014


One of the blessings that Cyril and I give thanks for is our ability to travel and do our shoots accompanied by Lysander, our son. He’s been with us in Africa since a toddler and is as at home here as he is in Santa Fe and the States.

To see things through his eyes is bittersweet at times. His complete comfort among these five-to-ten ton creatures and his delight in these shared surroundings is wonderful to behold. Still, in the short time he’s been on this earth and traveling with us we’ve observed first-hand the loss of elephant population and habitat that allow us, mammals all, to coexist in peace.

And so, even as I capture this spur-of-the-moment image on my iPhone, we’re spurred on with renewed determination and a gnawing sense of urgency to not only capture what we can on film but to bring international awareness to the extraordinary loss that we face in losing these great creatures…


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